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  1. 10
    Warm Up Hike w/ Hike4Life
    Welcome back Hikers! We are getting ready to for the 2018 hiking season with a warm up hike at the Arnold Arboretum. There is a mixture of pavement and trails and three beautiful hills that will get our blood pumping, our hearts beating and our legs thanking us for getting back on the trails. The meet up will be at Forest Hills station (Orange Line, upstairs) and we will walk to the Hunnewell Visitor Center before we start our hike! (Feel free to meet us at the visitor center, if you know the way!) What to Wear - Well, since it's still winter and we all know the unpredictability of our weather so dress for the season. Boots are recommended. If you have any questions, feel free to call, email or send us a message here at any time.
  2. 24
    30 Days of Biking w/ Roxbury Rides
    30 Days
    Every April, there is a National pledge to ride your bike every day. This year, we are pleased to bring to you Our First National Kickoff Event in Boston for 30 Days of Biking! Join Us at the Dudley Cafe to learn more about this awesome event, learn how to get started biking, raffle prizes and more! Come down and support a local business and socialize! NOTE: The Cafe will be open for you to purchase food and drink! To learn more information about the National event and to pledge for 2018, go to:

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