Get Up. Get Out. Go Hiking!

Hike4Life hosted our very first Owl PrOwl at Franklin Park. The weather was perfect for a hike/walk and everyone had a great time. We didn't see any owls but we saw a Red Bellied Woodpecker. So happy to see so many young faces and to see them enjoying nature! We even found a racoon jawbone!

Shout out to Michelle for bringing along her "hooter" and trying to get some owls to talk back to us. Thank you to everyone that made it out with us and we look forward to doing this again real soon. ‪#‎hike4life‬ ‪#‎owlprowl‬

Hike4Life 6th Annual Walk Off The Turkey Hike

Closing out 2015 with one of our favorite events; The Walk Off The Turkey Hike, drew a very large crowd that came out to walk the turkey off at the Boston Nature Center in Mattapan, MA. 

There were families and kids and individuals, who spent a "small" part of their Sunday with us. We were given an introduction about the Nature Center by Adam, who is staff at Mass Audubon and found out that the site used to be the old Boston State Hospital. We heard a few words from Vivian of the Mattapan Food & Fitness Coalition and got some fun prizes in a raffle that she put together for the event. Operation B Fit (Michelle Coo) stretched us out before we hit the trails. 

We started on the Rabbit trail to the Wetlands boardwalk that is made out of recycled plastic bottles and over to the marsh. As we were talking about the cat-tails in the marsh, high above was a red tailed hawk that was being agitated by a flock of birds that were likely protecting their nests. Our walk was a bit shorter than expected so, we are going to set up another hike before the end of this year. In closing, thank you all so much for attending and being a part of our annual November event! 

Business Spotlight for The Minority Business Expo!

Germain's Enterprise & the Minority Business Expo, honored Hike4Life as it's first business spotlight. With a group of young women from S.T.A.R.T. (Stand Tall and Rise Together) as well as some very influential adults, we headed into Franklin Park. This was a special Hiking 101; we had our largest crowd and we were being filmed by the Outside of the Box Agency. We discussed native and invasive plants, Frederick Law Omlsted and why it's important to get out into nature. We are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to working and partnering with as well as supporting the Minority Business Expo! HERE'S THE VIDEO

We made the "Green Team"

August 16, 2015 - Hike4Life Founder, Jerel Ferguson, was happy to be a part of the Summer 2015 Green Team of the Emerald Necklace Conservancy. For 8 weeks, Jerel was part of a dynamic mix of team members who took the responsibility of working with and managing 22 young people from different backgrounds, schools and neighborhoods.  Due to his relationship and past work with the ENC, Jerel knew that this was a good move and a great way to spend his summer. "Being outside everyday with the trees, with the Muddy River as the backdrop, being with the youth and doing what I love is why I wanted to do this. It's right up my alley." says Jerel.

African Americans In The Outdoors

Out of the Hoods & Into the Woods….

Was in full effect today as we kicked off our 2015 Season Opening Hike at the Great Blue Hills Reservation! We are feeling empowered and inspired by the amount of Hike4Lifers that made it out into the woods with us. I wanted to send a big shout out to the parents and aunties of the very well behaved children that hiked with us today. Don’t forget, Hike4Life KIDS starts in June so I hope to see them all again. What more can I say? After a brutal winter and some delays, we are finally back on the trail!

Another great start to another great year. We are celebrating five years of outdoor adventures and cultural change that is taking place right before our eyes. Understanding the value of your presence in the outdoors is to know that you all are creating legacies that many people today and even our ancestors never had an opportunity to be a part of. We are the future of environmentalism, environmental justice and (even if we don’t know it yet) we are the current and future stewards of the planet.

Let’s continue to make a difference through awareness and enjoyment of the Great Outdoors.
One person and one step at a time. Thank you all so much for coming out, we are looking forward to our next adventures together. Shout out to George , Michelle & Robert for being great co-leaders and helping out when needed! ‪#‎gratitude‬ ‪#‎hike4life‬

March 27, 2015 - Lot’s of inspirational energy flowing from yesterdays Emerald Necklace Meeting and Lecture at the historic African Meeting House to listen to the very energetic and charismatic, Dr Carolyn Finney. Her book, Black Faces, White Spaces, is a book about "Reimagining The Relationship of African Americans to the Great Outdoors." She spoke about so many important topics that really inspired us to think about how we can further educate the community that we have been in the outdoors and involved in conservation more than we could possibly imagine. She told us about John Francis, the Planet Walker. This brother walked around the United States for 22 years to raise environmental awareness and for 17 of them he didn’t talk. See below...

From her "Metaphorical Afro", to discussing why she used Spike Lee Joints as chapter titles for her book and 2Pac, Carolyn, was engaging, moving and humorous. She shared personal family histories with us as well as some of the difficulties she faces as an Assistant Professor. She also told us about the Beach Lady, MaVynee Betsch, who made it her full-time mission to preserve and protect American Beach, her great-grandfather’s investment, from development and destruction.

It was great to see so many wonderful people from around Boston that are all a part of the Green Movement in Massachusetts and around the country. Emerald Necklace Conservancy, Appalachian Mountain Club, The Trustees, Sustainability Guild and others. It was also cool to hang out with Stanley King, founder of Door to the Outdoors. Looking forward to working with, collaborating and building with him as well.

On Saturday March 7th 2015 - Hike4Life participated in the 2015 Minority Business Expo! What an amazing event with amazing vendors, businesses, potential clients and future participants. Congratulations to Yvens Germain of Germain's Enterprise LLC for another job well done.
Shout out to our partner-in-progress Michelle Cook of Operation B Fit, who took the time out of her busy schedule to sit with us and represent Hike4Life as one of our group leaders. Thank you so much for your help and care and most of all, your unwavering support. #forwardprogress #teambfit

Hike4Life & Young Professionals Network Ski Trip (MLK DAY)

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Hike4Life joined the Young Professionals Network of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts for a day on the slopes of Pats Peak, in Henniker, New Hampshire! Thrills,   chills and lots of fun! Big thanks to YPN-ULEM for their support and partnership! #5Years

Outdoor Products® Partners With Nonprofit To Inspire Outdoor Adventures

Los Angeles, CA (July, 2014) – The leading manufacturer of packs and bags for all of life’s adventures, Outdoor Products®, has partnered with Hike4Life to provide packs, trekking poles, and more to participants in the nonprofit organization’s hikes and outdoor adventures.

Vivian Morris, Mattapan Food & Fitness Coalition

Hike4Life joined in the groundbreaking for the extension of the Neponset River Greenway Trail from Central Avenue to Mattapan Station. So happy to share in the accomplishment and realization of the dream of our friend Vivian Morris (Mattapan Food & Fitness Coalition) as well as everyone that works with her to make this dream possible.

It's been 20 years in the making; in 8 months, come out and see the new trails with your community in Mattapan!!!

Nationwide Hike4Healing w/ Hike4Life (Boston,MA)

Thanks to everyone who came out in support of our #HealingHike today! We were blessed with sun and decent weather today. There were a few cold moments here and there but, the company we had today was positive and warm enough to get us through our walk today. We had a a wonderful dialogue discussing our feelings and about what's goin on in the world today and some ideas towards a solution. It’s possible to one day heal the wounds that have affected our culture and this hike today was a start to at least discuss how we must be resilient, strong and unified in order to stand up against the injustices that plague our communities and this country. Thank you to Outdoor Afro and countless others that spent time in nature today to March. Walk & Hike to show our solidarity with the movements that are taking place around the world. #HealingHike #MoreWorkToDo #outdoorafro #hike4life #support

5th Annual Walk Off The Turkey Hike 2014

We Did It! Another great year under our belt and another great Walk Off The Turkey Hike Event! 26 of us braved the cold and slippery paths to accomplish our goal of getting to the top of the Great Blue Hill! The Trailside Museum staff were very friendly and excited to have us; the Screech Owl and Kestrel were a nice treat! It was also a treat to meet all the new people we met today. We hope to see you again

Top of The Great Blue Hill!

A huge thank you to Milly Henry our new Organo Gold connect and Vivian Williams for the delicious Sweet & Petite Treats! A gracious thank you to Marie Andree, President of Educated Ladies Empowered to Change, Inc.. Thank you to the Onyx Birds, thank you to the ladies of United Sisters of Color, the catering queens of SistAct 3 Catering, Brandon Ransom of Techtrition, Morell of Motiv8 Photography and of course Michelle Cook of Operation B Fit! Happy Birthday again to Charles Shears!

Thank you all so much for helping Hike4Life close out our 2014 season.

We hope to see you all at our Season Opening Hike in April 2015!!!

updated 11/30/2014

Urban Hiking w/ Urban Youth

Concerned Black Men of Massachusetts / Paul Robeson Institute for Positive Self-Development

Hike4Life had the privilege and honor of leading an urban hike of a wonderful and fun group of young men from the Paul Robeson Institute for Positive Self-Development.  We started out with introductions, a healthy breakfast and the Circle of Love. The young men received instruction, lined up and volunteers were invited to the center of the circle to chant the seven fundamentals of maturing into manhood! As the hand-clapping began, the young men shouted out, “Umoja, means unity” which was met with a roar of deep and not-so deep voices that repeated the same. These seven fundamentals are the Nguzo Saba, which is traditionally used as Principles of Kwanzaa, hearing them chanted outside and in nature certainly uplifted my spirits.

After witnessing their morning ritual, I was excited as we stretched and headed out to the trails around the Arnold Arboretum.  Foliage was plenty and so was the excitement from the group of teens, pre-teens and children under ten.  I expressed how proud I felt to be a part of this “discovery moment” with them as many had never been to the Arboretum or spent much time in nature.  The young men gathered leaves, touched and smelled the bushes and trees. Picked berries, chewed on white pine needles and played with spiders.

The mentors of the group put in a lot of work to organize and maintain discipline with these young men, I was genuinely impressed as they came to order and lined up in silence when “HOTEP” was called out.

We walked along the paved path to the top of Peters Hill (240 feet) and once we arrived we were greeted by a familiar sight in the distance; The Great Blue Hill! From atop of Peters Hill, is also a view of the city but, it was obscured by trees.  The group took this time to catch a breath and ask questions. One of the PRI mentors asked those who collected leaves to discuss what they had found and to try to identify them in a tree guide that was provided to us.

After a little rest, we got the group in order and headed down the hill for lunch.  Lunch was provided by Baba Rumas’ Rumosa Meals and featured Veggie Patties and his famous Mango Freeze.  Even though it was cold, they were gone in a minute.

Overall, this experience was amazing. The mentor staff, the young men, the weather, everything lined up perfectly for this Hike4Life event and we are grateful for the opportunity to lead and to hike with representatives from this amazing organization!

updated 11/15/2014

Urban Hiking Adventure

I decided to go on a solo-hike of three of the beautiful urban trails of the Emerald Necklace. I started the 3.7 mile journey from the Crown Jewel of the Necklace, Franklin Park, where I was welcomed by smooth trails and favorable weather.  The foliage in the park was classic Massachusetts Autumn; Red, Orange and Yellow leaves blanketed the wooded grounds, periodically falling on me like a silent colorful rain.  I then hiked to my next destination, the second largest link in the Emerald Necklace; The Arnold Arboretum.  Once within the walls of this great institution, I was welcomed by the smell of summer, old blossoms and over-rich soil.

The half-dressed trees exposed their hidden berries and sharp thorns that are usually hidden by leaves. The soft earth beneath was filled with crushed acorn shells and feathers; a welcomed reward for tired feet. The bird life in the Arboretum is unlike any other that I know of; thousands of seasonal birds sang their ear-pleasing songs and posed for pictures. My last stop was probably, the best stop; Jamaica Pond. As I made my way up the hill from the street into the park, the first thing I noticed was rainbow trout launching themselves out of the water to eat bugs that were flying by. I stayed on the beach and walked halfway around before being pushed to the walkway by trees that had fallen into the water.  The hazy sun that followed me from Franklin Park finally broke through the partly sunny skies and added to the already scenic view of the pond, which made me happy.

The picturesque landscape of trees, water and birds did not disappoint. The always present Canadian goose had company; the American Coot and one of the most amazing birds I’ve ever seen, the Great Blue Heron! This monster bird was at least four feet high and when it flew away it’s wingspan had to be about five or six feet. I also got to see him hunt, which was an honor.  I continued along the curved path around the pond taking pictures of the trees and pond and finally made it to the famous boathouse. From there you can see the entire pond and take in all of its urban and natural beauty.  As I left the comfort of the pond and back to the street, a small gray mouse was trying to hide in the multi-colored leaves; its big black eyes stared back at me as I zoomed in with my camera. It scurried away before I could get too close.

The hike in total (to and from) was roughly 7.5 miles. I picked up a friend along the way and we went back through the arboretum then over to Franklin Park, where my journey began.

 Along the way back and with every step, I thought of how easy it is to get out and enjoy things in nature that are not far from the city. We have a beautiful “Emerald Necklace” in our backyards and yet, we are hesitant to pause and take a look around at all of the magnificence that surrounds us.

Fall Forest Fling Hike

Quality over Quantity was the theme for our hike today. We had an amazing 3 hour 2.5 mile hike out in the Blue Hills with awesome folks and awesome conversation. Thank you to Vivian, Robert & Michelle Cook Operation B Fit) for a toughing it out today! #support #operationbfit #hike4life
What an amazing event and time we had at this year’s Open Streets. Open World event!
A HUGE shout out and thank you to our friend Za'Cari Thomas for holding down the fort while I got to run around and do my rounds. Thank you to Michelle Cook, for her help and phone support. Thanks to Mel Ling and family for coming out to help and support us. Thanks to family and all friends who came to check on us, take some info and learn a little bit more about Hike4Life, what we do and why we do it.

This event was amazing! From bands to cotton candy, dance and exercise; we really pulled off what we set out to do months ago. Being a part of the Project Management team for this year’s event was a wonderful and challenging experience. We worked so hard to do our best to bring and keep as a mainstay this annual event. Closing up Blue Hill Avenue, is not an easy task so for it to all happen on such a beautiful day is truly a blessing.

Thank you to everyone that came out and shared your day with us!
#support #ctcbos2014 #openstreetsopenworld #bluehillavenue #hike4life #reclaimourcommunity


What an amazing hike! The G.E.M.S. shined and tackled the Blue Hills with Hike4Life! From ascending Big Blue and spotting a very calm Whitetail Deer, this was one of the best hikes of 2014! Shout out to Za'Cari and C. Robert for your assistance and support! #teamhike4life

WON For All: Community Play Date!

A day of live music, games and outdoor enjoyment “For All”. We handpicked a healthy mix of activities that the kids and adults enjoyed, games the community can collectively play and live entertainment from well-known Boston musicians, singers and poets. Join us and your community for this great day under the sun. Brought to you in harmony with the community building work of ROY (R.eclaim O.ur Y.outh)

Ponkapoag Pond Hike and Cedar Bog Boardwalk!

What was supposed to be a hardcore and extreme hiking event, turned out to be one of the most peaceful and visually pleasing hikes to date. We took a small group of Hike4Lifers to the always amazing Ponkapoag Pond (4.2 Miles) which is nestled in Canton, MA.  The Appalachian Mountain Club and the YMCA, make their campgrounds here.  This pond which is much larger than its neighbor Houghtons Pond is truly a hidden jewel that not many know about.  The name Ponkapoag means "shallow pond" or "a spring that bubbles from red soil" Laying on the Eastern side of the Blue Hills Reservation, this gem is a sure stop for beginner and experienced hikers. 

This was our first time going across the Cedar Bog Boardwalk and into the center of the beautiful pond.  We navigated our way over a quarter-mile or more of wet, slippery and sometimes floating planks that pulled us further into the green that surrounded us.  All kinds of plants and bushes and trees were overlooked due to our cautious steps along the boardwalk.  In the few places we were allowed to rest, we were able to take in some of the most breathtaking views from inside the Ponkapoag.  Sometimes, you just want to say thank you Mother Nature, for creating such natural, scenic and sacred spaces.

Thank you to Matt, Za'Cari, Maliek, Onfire and Ms. Denise, for joining us on this beautiful day. #hike4life #outdoorproducts


What an amazing way to celebrate our National Day in the Parks. It was a pleasure and honor to be greeted by Cassius Cash, Superintendent of the Boston National Historic Parks and Boston National African American Historic Site.

Superintendent Cash welcomed us with open arms and expressed how important it is for us to learn the history of African Americans in Boston and know our important role that we played in the building of this Nation. From building Faneuil Hall, to laying the cobblestone streets and fighting for freedoms they were never guaranteed to have. Our role in history in this city and in America should never be forgotten.

Our adventure this year brought us to Boston National Historic Parks where two of the Parks department Rangers led Hike4Life around our wonderful and historic city. From Faneuil Hall to the Old South Meeting House and to Breeds Hill, African American and Native American influence in the history of Boston was laid out to us like never before. We walked the same streets as Lancaster Hill (Slave), Barzillai Lew (Free) and Jonathan Occum (Native) and stood at the Redoubt on Breeds Hill, home of the Bunker Hill Monument.
We boarded a ferry at Long Wharf and docked in Charlestown where we walked through the same streets the Rebel peasants and the British Army clashed in mortal battle. We climbed 294 steps up the Bunker Hill Monument and ended the day with our own Patriots of Color presentations that we presented to each other!

After saying warm goodbyes to the group, we headed to Wompatuck State Park were a few of us camped out overnight. We cooked over the fire, ate by lantern, and watched the fire from our tents for a while before drifting into sleep with thoughts of how wonderful our day was.

Thank you to the Boston National Historic Parks, Superintendent Cash, Rangers Dan and Eric and thank you to all of the Hike4Lifer’s that participated in this years, African American National Parks Day. You all did so well, we covered a lot of miles on land, sea and air (if you consider the climb up the monument) and we did it Hike4Life style.

A big thank you to the founder of African American National Parks Day, Teresa Baker. #AANPD

3rd Annual Black Heritage Trail Hike feat. P.H.I.C.S.
(Photographers Hiking in the City Speaking)

Boston, MA - Wrapping up our latest and one of our greatest events, we are so pumped up and excited about our 3rd Annual Black Heritage Trail Hike.  This year, we featured P.H.I.C.S. which is an acronym for Photographers Hiking in the City Speaking!  This unique project is headed up by Morell Genas of Motiv8 Photography, Eric Shelton of Eric Shelton Photography in partnership with Hike4Life!

The focus was on photography and public speaking while hiking in an urban setting, the setting this year, the Black Heritage Trail!  We can safely say that we had over 50+ Hike4Lifers come out to enjoy the beautiful day, the historic walk and the strong sense of community outside of our communities that we brought to Beacon Hill.  For lack of a better word we were “deep” in what were our communities hundreds of years ago.  
It’s amazing, you can still feel our ancestors on the brick and mortar walls of the Abiel Smith School, the cobblestone streets, the converted oil lamps, the narrow alleys and in the soul that still resides on the Black Heritage Trail!  A BIG thank you to everyone that came out, thank you for bringing out the children, thank you for your photographs and reading at each historic site and thank you for your positive attitude. 
See you next year!

Season Opening Hike 2014

The Season Opening Hike at the Blue Hills was AMAZING! The weather was perfect! I was completely blown away by the sheer number of beautiful people that came out to be a part of our kickoff to a great year event. We were over 30 Hike4Lifers strong and we represented ourselves and our communities to the fullest. Having that many people from various Urban areas come out to the woods, is a testament to the Cultural Change that is happening in the city, the need to get way and take a break from the norm , the desire to add fitness activities to our lives and to do different, challenging things. Out of the Hoods and Into the Woods was definitely in full effect and we plan on re-introducing more and more people to the outdoors this season. Thank you all so much for coming out, we are looking forward to our next adventures together. 
Having that many people from various Urban areas come out to the woods, is a testament to the Cultural Change that is happening in the city, the need to get way and take a break from the norm , the desire to add fitness activities to our lives and to do different, challenging things. Out of the Hoods and Into the Woods was definitely in full effect and we plan on re-introducing more and more people to the outdoors this season. Thank you all so much for coming out, we are looking forward to our next adventures together.

Spring Equinox Hike

We wanted to thank our Hike4Lifers that made it out to our Spring Equinox Hike at the Blue Hills. Thank you for your support! A BIG Hike4Life shout out goes to Za'Cari & Matt for helping lead the group and helping me out when I needed it. #support

Hike4Life & Outdoor Products®

Hike4Life is proud to announce our newest partner & supporter, Outdoor Products!  Outdoor Products has been a consistent and stable product in the Hike4Life gear department.

 We’ve relied on Outdoor Products for our backpacks, trekking poles, water bottles and many more accessories since our inception; that’s why Outdoor Products was our product of choice to keep us safe, comfortable and prepared for conditions on the trail.

“Outdoor Products believes that a life truly lived is one that is full of adventure and exploration. From waist packs to backpacks, from electronic carrying cases to outdoor gear and accessories—we’re here to help you pack for all of your work, play, and travel adventures. You only live once, so grab a pack and get outside!”

Hike4Life also embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration – environmental protection and giving back to our community, which is what we are all about.  Reconnecting the community to the outdoors; this connection is important to us and strengthens our choice to partner and gear-up with this great company to represent our community in the outdoors.

We believe in Outdoor Products and they believe in Hike4Life!

41 Camping Hacks that are borderline genius!

Click here to read a cool article about camping and fun ways to make your time in the outdoors easier, safer and comfortable!  From foam floor mats to shaved soap, these '41 Camping Hacks' are sure to peak your interest and show you that camping isn't as difficult as you may think it is.

We are very thankful for our interview this past Saturday on the Minority Men Show! Thank you to the staff and to everyone that listened in to learn more about our organization.

Hike4Life w/ Audrey & Frank Peterman

Many Stories In The Land: The Future of our National Parks

Truly Blessed, is all that I can think of after such a great night of information sharing and building with like minded outdoors people including, none other than Audrey & Frank Peterman. They are the authors of the newest addition to my library, Legacy On The Land: A Black Couple Discovers Our National Inheritance and Tells Why Every American Should Care.

The Peterman’s led an amazing talk tonight at the Old South Meeting House in Downtown, Boston. Many Stories In The Land: The Future of our National Parks. They shared stories about their many adventures across the country, from Acadia National Park in Maine to The Grand Canyon.

We talked about Phyllis Wheatley and Crispus Attucks They also highlighted African-American groups around the country that are doing the collective work to get our people outdoors and into the beautiful National Parks that are all around the country.

I was inspired and empowered to continue doing the work we do. Getting people up and out to get outdoors is part of a national agenda that many organizations like Hike4Life is taking part in.

To Frank & Audrey Peterman, thank you so much for your wisdom and experience and thank you for sharing your love of our national parks with us.

Hike4Life @ The Minority Business Expo

March 1st - Hike4Life was honored to be part of the Minority Business Expo that took place in Boston. There were so many people that came to our little table to meet us and learn about us. It was truly amazing. I never get tired of talking about what we're about and where we go on our adventures. Thank you to Yvens Germain for hosting such a great event. Thank you to Tito Jackson for supporting us and trying out KRAVE Jerky. Thank you to the man James Pierre, my sisters Ok Flexy and Margaret Okonkwo for always showing love and support. Thank you to Sister Sierra for coming out, next time, we'll visit your table. Thanks to my Brother LightSpeed Arafat for stopping by with his family. Last and certainly not least, thank you to my partner-in-progress Michelle BFit Cook ( Operation B Fit ) for helping me set up and sending folks my way. Thanks for playing HAPPY while setting up, it set the mood in our corner of the room! #hike4life #teambfit #mbex

Winter Hiking at the Blue Hills Reservation


Every year seems to get better and better and even bigger. Needless to say, 2013 has been a great year! We're thankful for the tremendous amount of support that we've received from the community and friends that believe in us and in our mission. That being said, the end of the year is approaching and we are gearing up for our final "Hike" of the year. The Walk Off The Turkey Hike!

Hike4Life likes to finish off the year in style and with a huge crowd of Hike4Lifers to send the year off with a bang. We will once again be partnering up with the Mass Audubon Society and will have a short meet-up in the auditorium at the Trailside Museum 8-10AM (Please arrive no later than 9AM)

The Blue Hills Project! Congrats Owen!

We had an amazing day today at our very first Blue Hills Project!

While the event didn’t shape up the way we wanted it to, we were reminded very quickly about “quality over quantity” as our small group of runners hit the Great Blue Hill. Hike4Life would like to congratulate our first champion Owen Kendall, who set the bar very high by completing the event with a whopping 13 laps in 59:59 minutes!

Our second place winner, Jess Muscaro crushed the hill with 9 hardcore laps. Thank You Jess, for taking the time to share our event with the Forest Hills Runners group and for bringing great people with you. Thank you to Lexi for the great photos! Can't wait to see them. Thanks to Ok Flexy for stepping in as a judge. Thanks to all of the competitors: Tony Harris, Gladys, and Therecia for doing your best today at the Project and thank you to Margaret and Jaden for your support.

Thank you to Operation B Fit / Michelle Cook for partnering with us on this project. Can’t wait til next year!!!


Hiking 101: Graduate Hike

On Saturday Sept 28, we promoted our 1st hiker to complete the Hiking 101 training course at Franklin Park.  Our newest "Hike4Lifer" hiked the Red Dot Trail and scaled the 635 ft Great Blue Hill! We were joined by our seasoned hikers and some family members, who came out to show their support and to cheer her on!

Circle The City: Open Streets

So, the City shut down traffic between Dudley & Warren Street...Wow is all we can say!  Hike4Life, was overwhelmed to say the least, with the interest and support we received from the Community that came out to enjoy the festivities and spent time at our table and wanted info about H4L and what we do.  So many people had never heard of us, "a Black Hiking organization", but many of the people were really...Continue

Fall Forest Festival

Celebrate the season and outdoors with art, nature and recreation. Hike through the Wilderness or let kids, 9 and under ride the bike rodeo between 1-4pm. Bikes for loan or bring your own. You may win a bike from Boston Bikes in the raffle at the close of the event! Take a wild edible tour led by wild foods enthusiast, Russ Cohen from 2:30-4pm. Cape the Franklin Park’s beauty at a watercolor landscapes workshop taught by local artist, Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper from 1-3pm.

Our Family Fun Hike was a great success. Many of us came out and enjoyed the Family Fun Hike in different places at the pond. We may not have all arrived at the same time but we sure were all together! It's all about Family!

Hike4Life: Hiking 101

Hiking 101 with Hike4Life at Franklin Park has been a tremendous success for us this Summer.  We've gone from one '101' class last year to almost five courses in just the last few months.  Franklin Park has been a great space for us to 1. teach hiking do's and don'ts 2. exploring the wilderness that is so close to our communites and 3. learning a few things ourselves. 

Since we've introduced Hiking 101 to Thursday's afterwork, we've gotten a great crowd of people to come out with us.  From an amazing group of Line Dancers to the Mattapan Food & Fitness Coalition.
We're grateful for the turnouts.  Our next Hiking 101 course will be at the Boston Nature Center in Mattapan. This urban sanctuary, located on the grounds of the former Boston State Hospital, offers public programs year-round. Through its Boston Schools Initiative, the Boston Nature Center provides environmental education programs to Boston elementary schools weekly. Two miles of trails and boardwalks traverse meadows and wetlands where wildlife abounds, including coyotes and many species of migratory birds. We hope to see you there!

Boston National Historic Parks

Saturday 8/3 - Beth & Kendall from the Boston National Historic Park Service, serviced the children and adult participants at the R.O.Y event.

They taught ropemaking, which actually was a very populare activity for the adutls as well.

Since 1916, the American people have entrusted the National Park Service with the care of their national parks. With the help of volunteers and park partners, we are proud to safeguard these more than 400 places and to share their stories with more than 275 million visitors every year.

Hello everyone, I hope Spring is getting you up and outdoors.  Hike4Life has been super busy, getting in gear for some great upcoming events, looking to enjoying the Summer months and having more outdoor adventures to share.  We are in the midst of preparing for African American National Parks Day with an 8 mile hike through the Blue Hills Reservation.  There are several elevation shifts from 180 feet to nearly 700 feet to the top of the Great Blue Hill!  Our good friend Erica Rose will be leading us on that days hike.  After the hike, we will continue the celebration by camping at Wompatuck State Park. 

We’re kicking off the first annual AANPD in true Hike4Life fashion, immersing ourselves in the outdoors with friends and family while connecting with nature and ourselves.  Join us on Saturday June, 22nd through the 23rd for our hiking and camping trip!

Hike4Life in partnership with Operation B Fit ( and Peace Of Food ( are joining up under the banner of R.O.Y. Reclaim Our Youth, to bring to the community our 2nd Annual, Kickball Cookout & More event, Saturday August 3rd 2013.

We have put together a great team of men and women who are helping with the planning and preparation to bring Boston, the biggest event of the Summer.  Last year, we had a wonderful turnout of parents and children and supporting organizations and businesses, this year we feel that we will surpass those numbers and be the talk of the town once again…Who doesn’t like kickball?

Overall, H4L has so many wonderful events coming up: hiking, zip-lining, camping, mountain hiking and more. We hope that you join us and stay with us throughout the Summer for all of your outdoor adventure needs.  Get Up. Get Out. Go Hiking!

Peace Out(side),

Jerel F.

We took to the streets for 1.6 miles of historic downtown Boston and hiked the many hills of Beacon Hill. We learned about early life for African Americans in Boston. From Academia to Revolution, there is so much history and knowledge to get from the streets themselves. We stopped at several marked locations and each of us took a turn to read about them to the group. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we all had a great time.
African American National Parks Day!

Hike4Life, is taking part in African American National Parks Day!  This will be a day when African Americans will congregate in one of our local National Parks. The hope is for this project to gain as much attention as possible. We need to see more people of color, out in nature enjoying and protecting our natural resources.

Join a vast groups of African Americans throughout the country out in our National Parks on June 22nd and 23rd. Let's make this a national event! 

We'll submit a photo of our group, out in one our our many National Parks.

                                                        Be sure to put it on your Calendars, June 22-23,  2013

Got boots?

To raise awareness about the joys of the outdoors, Hike4Life "got boots?” is an open challenge to individuals and families in the community. If you “got boots”, then you can hike. Of course there are other things you will need but, one of the first steps is having proper footwear. The boots in the picture are mine and they’re about 4 years old. Those boots have seen mud, dirt, rocks, trails and mountains. I may have logged a thousand miles in them, I can’t be sure but, they’ve gotten a lot of wear.

The point is, if you can get up and get out, have a good pair of boots and a desire to Walk The Earth™, you’ll make a spiritual and physical difference in your life. Join us for our hiking, biking and other fun activities and events in 2013. Follow us on twitter or register as a Hike4Lifer, to become a part of our growing family.

Get Up. Get Out. Go Hiking!

Hike4Life and the Franklin Park Coalition

Check out the mention of Hike4Life at the all new Franklin Park Coalition website. (Health and Fitness: Hiking)  The FPC is a strong partner and supporter of Hike4Life.  We’ve hosted several events within the Crown Jewel of the Boston Parks system due to their support and generosity.  Support Franklin Park with a community membership for just $5 and please like their facebook page!

Hey Hike4Lifers, we haven't had much of a Winter this year and I'm sure you're all just so upset about that - I know I am.  As we planned to kick off 2013 in Hike4Life style, outdoors - we've been short on the white-fluffy stuff.  Is it "Global Warming?" I don't know but, it's time to get this season started.  Recently, it's been very cold, too cold to snow, certainly not too cold to bundle up! So stay warm by wearing layers or try Duofold Thermals by Champion with a sweater or sweatshirt and a warm coat.  It keeps you warm in the cold and if you sweat, it wicks the moisture away from your body. 
Hike4LIfe wants you to stay safe and warm this winter!

We enjoyed working with the Franklin Park Coalition to remove catbrier from the young oak trees in the park.  The weather wasn't great but the experience was.
Come out and help save woodland trees from strangling Catbrier and other invasive plants. We will also 'Comb the Wilderness'. There are a lot of old homeless camps with wet stuff that needs to be hauled out.

Meet at 10am at Valley Gates Parking Lot, midway along the main park road across from the Golf Course. Wear old clothing, sneakers, boots and lots of layers. (Avoid wearing nylon because it will get stuck in the Catbrier.)

Let's give back to the community by helping clean up the community.
Also, bring your mason jars or your favorite mugs for homemade Hot Apple Cider, courtesy of Operation Fit Mom! We'll be serving between 9-10AM. Bags and Gloves will be provided!

Hike4Life would like to welcome The Coffee Queen, Nakita Bowman back to support H4L at the Walk Off The Turkey event.  She will have items for sale and sampling. For more info on Organo Gold go to:

Thanks to the generosity of members of the Mass Audubon Society, Hike4Life hikers on Saturday 11/24 will have complimentary access to the Blue Hills Trailside Museum! We are meeting at 1904 Canton Avenue, Milton, MA 02186 at 9AM for a brief meet up, then a tour of the museum, then we hit the trails. See Ya!

The Blue Hills Trailside Museum is the interpretive center for the state’s Blue Hills Reservation and is managed by Mass Audubon.Indoor exhibits feature wildlife you may see while exploring the reservation’s 150 miles of trails.Outside the museum, stroll through exhibits featuring native wildlife such as turkey vultures, red-tailed hawks, and a pair of snowy owls.

The Walk Off The Turkey Hike is our last official hike of the year. We close out our 8 months of active community duty to refresh, reprogram and return in April (maybe earlier) with new ideas, new members and new events for the upcoming year. 2012 has been an exceptionally great one for us and we want to thank each and everyone one of you that has supported this organization and we hope you will continue into the future.The hike will be a few hours long and we plan to have some surprises along the way! As a custom, we like to list details of what to bring and what to wear:
Walking stick (optional)
Water Bottles
Durable Boots (Mandatory and it makes sense) Waterproof boots even better
Sunglasses / Camera / Cell Phone

Dress for the season in layers, if you get hot, remove a layer.  Sweat and cold weather are not a good mix!  If you've ever been skiing, wear ski pants or whatever is best to keep your legs warm and dry, gloves, hats, scarves, thermals, wool socks help a lot.  We'll be able to judge exactly how much we will need to keep ourselves warm on the 24th.

You're welcome to bring snacks as well.
And as always, having a positive attitude towards nature, the trails, the animals and the environment, will make any hiking trip from one mile to twenty, your best hike ever!



What a wonderful day! Family, friends, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, kids and teens, boys and girls all came together in the rain to walk for Breast Cancer Awareness. Hike4Life & NBucketTV hit our goal of $2000 and more and had a spectacular turnout of people that didn't let the rain get in the way of walking for this all too important cause. We had TWO SURVIVORS in our group, Sharon & Musu-kulla who both finished the 6-mile walk. Their strength was more than enough to bring us all home to the finish line.

<== What a great way to show your support to Hike4Life, NBucketTV and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer! Donate $5 and you'll get a Breast Cancer Awareness key chain. For $10 or more you'll get the official Rolo-Survival Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet. All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society & Making Strides. Please visit our donation page
( to make your donation and be sure to email us at [email protected] to claim your gift.
Join Hike4Life founder Jerel for a fun filled afternoon of Hiking tips and tricks to get you through your next or first hiking trip. We'll go over the basic "basics" of hiking from what to wear to what to eat. Please wear comfortable sneakers or hiking boots if you have any. Bring a hoodie or fleece, depending on the weather and a bottle of water. This will be fun and informational - Ages 5 and Up (Family Friendly)

This event is part of the Franklin Park Moves for Health Fall Forest Festival.
Getting back to our roots!
Hike4Life is involved with so many events and happenings in the community, we haven't had much time to hike.  So, to get back on the right "trail" after our Hiking 101 class on 9/29 we're going to hit up the Blue Hill Reservation for a 2-3 mile double loop hike on Saturday, October 6th.  Meet up at the Houghtons Pond parking lot, from there we'll hit the Yellow Dot trail, to the Red Dot, swing around Tucker Hill (or over it) then head back to finish the loop around the pond.  As you know, the seasons have changed so dress accordingly!  - 9AM
Had a great time at the Greater Boston Sickle Cell Disease Association Sickle-Cellebration at Franklin Park.  Dr. Trish and Jackie put on a wonderful event full of activities, vendors, information and screenings.  Learned things I didn't know about Sickle Cell and came away with a better understanding of this disease.  Kickball with Hike4Life was a smash as kids and adults took to the muddy field and played almost non-stop! After the game ended, the kids wanted more. Don't worry, we'll be back next year!  Thanks to our friends and supporters - Operation Fit Mom (Michelle Cook) Anjela Childs (United Sisters of Color), Marvin Edith, Tia Hampton, V.C.R., Tiffany Cooper and Fit 4 Life w/ Reggie Brown!

I grew up in Dorchester and occasionally, my mother, little sister and I, would take the bus or a cab and visit Franklin Park.  We’d go to the Zoo, we’d walk around the golf course, and we’d have a picnic and spend time together.  I went to the Park for the Kite Festivals, to ride my bike and family cookouts.  Being in the city, in a town that didn’t offer programs that featured outdoor activities, it was a blessing to have Franklin Park in the neighborhood. To my mother, it was very important to her to allow us to enjoy the wonderful green space that was practically in our backyard!

As it goes for Hike4Life, we’ve used Franklin Park for several of our events, most recently Kickball and a huge family health event, which turned out to be a hit for us and our partner and a big day of activity for the Park.  Our work with the FPC, has certainly put H4L on the map and has gotten people” into and interested” in the park again.  As a supporter and friend, I’ve taken part in many other events at Franklin Park; Fall Forest Festival, Halloween Walk, Edible Plant Walk and recently supporting the Executive Director (Christine) and her Summer Youth Program.

Who would have that thought that into my adulthood that I would become part of a team that advocates and fights for the enjoyment and pleasure of the park.  A team that oversees local projects and events in the park, a working steward of the park, a caretaker, a trustee and a promoter of the largest green space in Boston, Massachusetts and the place I grew up.

I’m pleased and very happy to announce that I am the newest member of the Board of Directors of the Franklin Park Coalition. I’m excited to join a group of engaging men and women that come from different backgrounds, different ethnicities and different neighborhoods, that all have the same goal; to get the attention and funding that Franklin Park, a vital and important community resource deserves!

Thank you to Christine Poff and the Board of Directors and to anyone that has supported me and Hike4Life, Thank You! ~ Jerel Ferguson / Founder Hike4Life


On Sunday October 14th, Hike4Life will be Making Strides in honor of our dear friend  Sharon Dailey, a survivor and a fighter. Sharon is walking as a part of our TEAM and we are definitely a part of hers. Please come out and support us, meet the team, meet Sharon and her family and friends who will be walking to support her and our community as well!

For more information, to join our team or to donate please follow this link to our participation center:


The Greater Boston Sickle Cell Disease Association, Inc (formerly CSCSGINC) is a 501 c 3, nonprofit organization which advocates for and provides life enhancing support services to all patients with sickle cell disease living in the Greater Boston community. The organization was founded in 1995 by Rev Ronald Stephenson to "do something about the lack of sickle cell awareness and support services for families affected by Sickle Cell Disease" in the Greater Boston area. Through his work patients, their families and the community have been educated on the Sickle Cell Treatment Act and disparities in health care when it comes to treatment of and access to treament of Sickle Cell Disease. These disparities also include the lack of federal and philanthropic funding. Visit for more information.


Hike4Life will be hosting our next Kickball game at the Sickle-Cellebration! We invite our champions to return to the field to defend their title as "champions" to continue their winning ways and to represent H4L!

The event is Saturday, September 15th and will be at the ballfield near the Shattuck entrance to Franklin Park.
This is the Greater Boston Sickle Cell Disease Association's 2nd Annual Sickle Cellebration In The Park! All Hike4Lifers are invited to come and join in the 5K walk/Run, Health Fair & Multicultiral Festival. For Registration, Sponsorship, and Volunteer Opportunities log on to and if you'd like to pre-register to play Kickball, drop us an email at [email protected]

Upcoming events and stuff.

Join Hike4Life as we celebrate our 3rd year of saving lives. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer will be having their annual walk in Boston on Sunday October 14th.

You can walk 2 or 5 miles, get in some exercise, meet new people and make new memories with old friends.

Our fundraising TEAM GOAL is $2,000 with your help we can raise this and much more!

Gone Camping with Hike4Life.

Hike4Life recently went on a Camping trip to Wompatuck State Park.  4000 acres of protected woodlands full of hiking trails, wildlife and 262 campsites to accommodate a multitude of people. We started early...See More

Hike4Life & Operation FIT MOM Kickball & Dodgeball Event.
Reclaim Our Youth - Saturday August 4th, Franklin Park -

Our biggest event ever! In cooperation with Operation FIT MOM, we hosted a 200+ event that incorporated health and fitness, fun and family.  OFM surprised H4L with a birthday caked emblazoned with the Hike4Life logo on top of delicious Say It Sweet Red Velvet cake.  The grill was going as people started to fill our small area of the park.  Vendors, Healthworks of Codman Square, Afro Flow Yoga and Essential Body Herbs set up shop and immediately drew attention.  We had an over-abundance of food thanks to many of the volunteers who helped make this event as special as it was.  Mike, Marie, Shawnte (SMJ Events), Gregoire (Phi Beta Sigma), Marvin and Diane, worked their butts off.  There were so many children there, their treat was balloon animals and face painting courtesty of Serena, Erica and Margaret, who did a wonderful job. Michael Bryant Photography sponsored the event and took some excellent pictures of our event, we are so grateful for his work and his amazing eye to capture moments. 

After lunch, the kids were set out to the field with Mike who started their kickball game.  Afro Flow Yoga had a session under the Sun which attracted a nice amount of people (Hi Mom) Healthworks had a fitness clinic and Fit 4 Life w/ Reggie B, stretched out the adults for their Kickball game!

Intense! I didn't think we could outdo the last Kickball event but, we smashed it this time.  Two solid teams went at it, catching balls, sliding, diving and rule bending (LOL) it was all in good fun and community.  The final score was 7-3.

Hike4Life is so glad, to see so many come out and support our event.  The R.O.Y. Committee is working hard to come up with our next Kickball game, we hope you can attend!    

?So, if you cannot understand that there is something in man or woman, which responds to the challenge of this mountain and goes out to meet it, that the struggle is the struggle of life itself upward and forever upward, then you won't see why we go. What we get from this adventure is just sheer joy. And joy is, after all, the end of life. We do not live to eat and make money. We eat and make money to be able to enjoy life. That is what life means and what life is for.


From the long drive from MA to NH, to the visitor center, to the entrance to the trail, we came with desire and drive, smiles and intent. (And sing-a-long-songs)

15 dedicated men and women climbed the skin of the Earth and conquered Mount Cannon.  This was our biggest turnout ever!  There was no quit in any of us.  Looking back at the experience and watching all of these hard-working people ascend over 4000 to reach the top is inspiring. Not many people can say that they?ve done this before but, now these Hike4Lifers can.  Treacherous terrain, twisted ankles, hurt knees and backs, didn?t stop anyone from achieving their goal: The Top, where the reward is.  You can see into 5 different states from the top of Mount Cannon, for some reaching the top is spiritually rewarding for others it?s the greatest physical challenge of their lives.  Adventure, challenge and some danger made this trip better than the rest.  We missed the last Tram of the day, so we had to hike back down the mountain, over the same rocks and roots we previously climbed over so, it was the opposite direction for us this time and I tell you, the trail doesn?t look the same going down.  Fortunately, we still had the Sun, our guiding light that brought our entire crew to safety. 

This trip to Mt. Cannon will definitely be one of those unforgettable moments in life when one can look back and say, ?I climbed a mountain? and it will feel good to tell others and to share their stories and memories of the adventure.

Get Up. Get Out...
H4L / Jerel F.

Hike4Life is teaming up with Operation Fit Mom to bring you...



R.O.Y., Reclaiming Our Youth is what we did today. So many, friends, family and supporters came out to support Hike4Life for another community inspiring event. Today, we played KICKBALL, reminiscent of the days when we used to play every day and all the time. The Sun was shining over us as we were blessed with a perfectly clear day in partnership with the Franklin Park Coalition and Circle the City of the Emerald Necklace Conservancy Dept. 


First, we let the kids play, their energy and the pure fun they were having excited us and got the adults ready for their game which was next.  Competitive isn’t the word to describe what was going out there on the field.  Sliding into bases, crashing into opposing players, high kicks, far kicks and full speed balls being thrown at the runners to get them out!  We argued over calls, over rules, the score, the outs and the best thing it was all in fun!  We can’t wait to do it again!  For the finale, Kids, Teens and Adults made up the teams and that was even more spirited, we let the kids know that we like to win too!  Next time no outs on the little ones, LOL.


Everyone asked for more Kickball, and even Dodge ball, we’ll work on making that happen, all everyone has to do is show up! I can't thank everyone enough for being there with us today. As well as the Franklin Park Coalition, Christine Poff who has been very supportive of Hike4Life from the beginning. To our friends, Hike4lLife thanks you and salutes you for playing Kickball with us today. Can't wait to do it again....Hopefully all of you will be there with us!


                    Hike4Life is playing Kickball!!!

Join Hike4Life on Sunday June 24th at

The Playstead at Franklin Park!!!

Click on Circle The City for the Event Schedule!


         3rd Annual Cannon Mountain Hike

Join Hike4Life as we head to Franconia, NH to traverse, hike, and climb beautiful Mt. Cannon, the previous home of the Old Man of the Mountain.

Cost: $20 (Can be paid in advance or at time of event)

Durable Boots are Mandatory – No Sneakers. We want to make sure everyone has a safe comfortable adventure as we climb the skin of the Earth and ascend over 4000 feet into the thin New Hampshire air!

On a clear day, you can see the mountains of New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York and Canada! At the summit, you'll find spectacular scenic walking paths, a 360 degree observation deck, a cafeteria, bar and restrooms.

Hike4Life will have:
Water, Fruit, Trail Mix, Bug repellent, sun screen

Bring your own food/snacks, additional water/ sports drinks

Equipment to bring:
A Backpack
Boots - Sneakers are not recommended.
Athletic pants, cargo pants or shorts – Jeans are not recommended.
Athletic shirts
Hat/ Bandana/ Sunglasses
Walking Sticks – optional
Money for Tram down the mountain - $12

And as always, A Positive Attitude

Carpooling may be available!

Please contact Hike4Life @ [email protected] or register your information through 'Contact Me'. You can also make your payment to Hike4Life through PayPal!
~ H4L

                         Hike4Life & NECS Hike!     

Another great hike with the folks of New England Community Services. We met at the Trailside Museum in the Blue Hills and hit the Red Dot to the top of the Great Blue Hill. After a good lunch, we headed down the South Skyline Trail. This rocky course was very challenging to some of the new comers but they all 'maded' it.  More trails, more "Oohs and Aahs" more upwards and downward trails, then we headed back.

This was a really cool group, met some new faces, acquainted with some old ones and hopefully everyone made NEW friends. Thank you to Operation Fit Mom for stretching us out and Thank you all for spending time with us! ~ H4L

            Kick Off To National Womens Health Week   

On Saturday May 12th, Hike4Life in collaboration with YPN-ULEM, the Department of Health & Human Services and the Medical Reserve Corps, co-hosted our annual Spring Hike!  We had doctors, nurses, a public health speaker, artists, photographers, a personal trainer, teachers, moms, dads and a couple of dogs but most importantly hikers!  We all came together at the base of the Great Blue Hill sharing health related information, checked our heart rates and blood pressures.

We had a nutritious breakfast offering, sandwiches for lunch, and a host of snacks that accommodated over 30 of us!  After a great presentation on obesity and prevention, a brief demonstration in mind over matter techniques and a well needed stretch we hit the trail.  We climbed with purpose, keeping true to our mission to help usher in healthy living and active lifestyles in our communities.  Never leaving anyone behind, we made sure everyone made it to the top because, that is where the reward is!  


New England Community Services Hike!

Wow! Is all we can say about hiking with the NECS (New England Community Services) what a wonderful event we had today with a super group of cool young ladies!  Led by a well trained staff from the NECS, we trekked along for over 4 miles around Ponkapoag Pond in Canton, MA.  We walked along a path of thousands of batches of Skunk Cabbage, before stopping at one of the AMC campgrounds.  We got a little lost when trying to find the outhouse (I still think they moved it!)  The girls were treated to a quick visit by a horse as they took in the view of their first glance from one of the inner-beaches of the Pond.

We hiked and talked and had some very interesting conversations with the diverse group, all respectful and engaged during this outdoor experience.  It was a first for most of the girls and we are glad to have shared the experience with them.  After a little more hiking, we made it to Fisherman Beach where we took a much needed rest.  Some of the ladies were taking pictures of the beautiful view of the Great Blue Hill in the distance, while others skipped rocks and got their hands in the water. 

After establishing ourselves at the halfway point around the massive pond, a lot of aches and pains and fatigue started to catch up to the group so, we pressed on and made it to the Ponkapoag Dam, messed around with sunbathing spiders, talked about Tiger Woods and then pressed on the golf course; fortunately for us, there was no one in our way so we casually strolled through the course and met a couple of nice guys at the end. 

Finally, we made it back to the trail sign and back to the pond entrance.  The ladies were so happy to make it back to civilization and so were some of us to be honest.  The weather was perfect but, it was a little hot after all of that walking. 

In all, today was a great day; we’d like to thank the NECS and the young ladies for working with and hiking with Hike4Life and spending time with us out on the trails.  We look forward to hiking with you all again.

Get Up. Get Out. Go Hiking!

Thursday April 19th

Get ready for an awesome hiking experience! This intermediate loop trail makes up for its absence of hills with distance. There are slight elevations and mud paths, rocky roads and great scenery! We’ll pass the AMC Campground and stop at Fisherman’s Beach for lunch. We’ll take a brief stop at the Ponkapoag Dam and onto a ‘quick’ path through the golfing area, then on to the Boardwalk Trail on Ponkapoag Bog.

Ponkapoag Pond in Canton, MA, is a moderately flat, 200 acre pond that offers a beautiful view of the Great Blue Hill, the highest peak on the East Coast south of Maine. The pond was not naturally occurring but formed when an earthen dam was built in 1940. The Green Loop trail offers a short detour to a boardwalk tour of a bog – an uncommon ecosystem for the area. We can visit the kiosk at the beginning of the boardwalk for information about rare plants and other inhabitants.

New England Community Services (NECS) was founded by Mark D. Reeves in 2007. NECS was established to help counsel, support, and educate youth involved with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).

For more info visit:

HAPPY 2012

It's been a long five months since our last hike of 2011 the "Walk Off The Turkey Hike" and in that time we've been busy getting ready for 2012.  On Saturday March 31, we had our "Warm Up Hike 2012" in which we hit up a new trail at our favorite destination, the Blue Hills Reservation.  2.5 miles on the Braintree Pass Path and danced around the edges of Chickatawbut Hill.  A great hike with our Core Hike4LIfe members.

  On Sunday April Fools Day, we went out with a couple of "Sistas" from the United Sistas of Color (USOC) for another early spring hike.  The weather was better and the hike seemed a little longer.  New comers to Hike4Life were worked as we hit 3 miles of trails and the Great Blue Hill for 635 feet of fun.

Thank You to everyone that made it out to the 2012 Season Kick Off for Hike4Life ... Stay Tuned!

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